Charlie + Dot.





My mum pictured with the Hmong woman from whom I sourced the beautiful batik fabric


100% Cotton


We are passionate about ethical, meaningful design that has a story behind it.

Our Batik textiles are sourced directly from artisans in South East Asia, their handicraft techniques centuries old, passed down through generations and are at risk of being lost due to advancing technology and 'fast' fashion/homewares/living in general where items are mass produced in factories. 


We endeavour to help keep this beautiful craft alive by working with the artisans to create authentic ethnic pieces, while helping support them and their families, ensuring they are paid a living wage and can afford health care and education. Our aim is to be transparent about who is behind the product and provide  beautiful homewares that are unique and can be treasured for years to come.



The Founder 

I'm Jess, the founder and designer of Charlie and Dot - the name is inspired by my grandparents who were influential people in my life growing up.

The last 10 years I've lived abroad and travelled extensively throughout 20 + countries, whilst in between working within the design & product industry. The mix of my passion for travel which has always inspired me creatively and my passion for interiors has led me to recently complete a Diploma in Interior Design. My style is travel inspired, transitional, and old meets new. 

A humanitarian at heart, it has always been a dream to start a socially conscious interiors + lifestyle business where I can give back to others.

Feel free to contact me below if you have any questions! x




P: 022 5411 623


New Plymouth, New Zealand